Measuring Tips

When deciding on which type of cargo net you need, here's some useful information to help you make the decision.




Measuring for Cargo Net

When determining the size of the cargo net that you need here's a few calculations to help, whether it's a Jeep cargo net or a truck cargo net.

Measure the distance between your tie down points. Then take those dimensions and subtract the amounts listed below from each side, based on which material cargo net you go with. This is because each type of cargo netting uses different types of cam buckles. Because the cam buckles are sewn onto the rings, this is how far it will stick out from the net. This way, if you have no load under the net, it can be pulled tight and taut so it doesn't flap around. If you always plan on having high loads under the net, then you have a little more room to go a little bigger. (The higher the net sits, the further away your buckle is from your tie down point.)

Polypropylene cargo netting- Subtract about 3" - 4" from each side.
Polyester cargo netting - Subtract about 4" - 5" from each side.
Nylon cargo netting - Subtract about 6" from each side.