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What Makes Our Jeep Cargo Nets A Superior Product?

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Welcome to Safari Straps. You’ve found the best cargo nets that you can find. Now, that’s easy to say, so we’ll give you a few reasons you might want to give them a try.

They’re made in the USA - We’re not importing these straps and reselling them...we’re making them right here in the United States of America in Southern California (the part where we can go off-roading on the weekend).. We keep the highest standards and take pride in every piece of equipment we make, whether it’s a Jeep cargo net, tie downs, or grab handles.

We’re The Manufactures - We’re the makers of our product. You can order a specific size and shape depending on where your tie down points are. Being the manufacturers doesn’t mean we just tweak a piece of netting for your needs. It means we build it from scratch to your specifications

We’re Jeepers - We love off-roading, and we’ve field-tested all of our straps. When we saw something that didn’t work, we’d redesign it. When something fell out on the trail, we made sure so it didn't’ happen again. When a strap didn’t quite fall right, we’d get out our measuring tape so that we could change it before we even released the product. We’re constantly updating our straps every year that Jeep makes a tiny change.

We say we have a superior product because we believe it. Try any Jeep cargo net and we’re sure you’ll be convinced. Give ‘em a shot today!