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​When Your Jeep Becomes A Pet Carrier.

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Pets are everywhere. People just can’t seem to leave them at home, and it’s important to keep them safe no matter where you and your Jeep go.

Protect the pet - Let’s say you slam on the brakes. Without the right Jeep cargo net to prevent your pet from going forward, the best case scenario is that they hit the back of your seat. This alone could kill them, and is only slightly better than the other two options...slamming into the back of your head or flying through the windshield. None of these are preferable to a cargo net that might just save your dog’s life.

Protect you - Anything not strapped down is going to come flying to the front in a head-on collision. Our pet barriers are excellent dividers so that you’re protected and don’t die from a German Shepherd to the back of the head. That’s not the way anyone wants to go.

Protect everyone else on the road - Your dog might be the most well-behaved dog in the world, but one of the reasons you like them is that they’re not human. And because of that, they still have an animalistic brain that can be tripped by things that you just can’t anticipate. Having the dog in the front seat can lead to all sorts of problems, and if they would race across your lap to leap out the window, it’s going to endanger you both and everyone else on the road.

Keeping your dog in the back is the best option for everyone involved. Check out our pet barrier nets here.